Virtual Data Room Price Structures

Vendors have a variety of approaches to pricing virtual data rooms. Many of them have a base price with additional charges based on features and data storage. Some of them offer trial periods to test whether the software is suitable for a particular project or deal.

One of the simplest pricing models for data rooms is per page upload. It’s an outdated model which dates back to when M&A professionals had to manually bring documents to copy providers onsite. It can result in very high bills after the project is completed, and isn’t well-suited for businesses that trade large text files.

Another method of charging is to charge per gigabytes of storage space. This is a great option for small projects that have limited storage requirements. It’s worth noting that this method is more expensive than other options, particularly if you want to store video and audio files.

Other common virtual data rooms pricing models involve charging by the number of administrators, which is a good option for companies that will have a small number of personnel in charge of the platform. Some vendors offer tariff plans that include the same number of administrator licenses. Adding more will cost you. Some vendors charge more for security and privacy features such as multi-factor verification or watermarks. They also offer remote shredding. Some virtual data rooms include support for customers in their pricing.

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