How to Set Up a Data Room for Due Diligence

A virtual data room is an efficient and simple way to transfer confidential documents for due diligence. However, before you begin adding documents to your new VDR it is important to take some time to set up the system. This involves anticipating the types of documents you’ll be uploading; creating a folder structure that reflects the transaction or business and digitizing physical files, if needed. It’s beneficial to establish an indexing scheme and naming scheme. features which make it easier for users to locate documents.

Once the structure is in place now is the time to begin launching the data room and invite users. It’s also crucial to set permission settings to ensure that only those who require access to the data can do so. Choose a vendor that provides granular user access and lets you fence view, which prevents access to information that is not authorized by allowing only a specific portion of an document to be visible.

You should also create auditability features that enable you to track activities in the dataroom. These can be useful for capturing critical intelligence about who is accessing which documents and when. Be sure to look at this now revoke access to users after their role in the process has been completed to ensure security and privacy. You should also think about using dynamic watermarks for sensitive documents to lower the chance of theft as well as hinder leaks of sensitive information. If you plan it properly your VDR will help you save time and headaches when it comes to preparing for due diligence.

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